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bubble gum sublime.jpg

Bubble Gum Sublime, 2017

Acrylic on MDF board    

1.8m x 1.8m

butterfly circus.jpg

Butterfly Circus, 2017

Acrylic paint on MDF Board 

2.4m x 2.4m

Dance of the Sublime

This series of artworks is a purely indulgent, painterly expression of the sublime. Using the freedom of channelling my alter ego Velvet Wild the canvas captures the movement, colour and expression that reason alone cannot find words for.

In contemporary terms the sublime is used to describe a ‘transcendent experience’ an ethereal insight felt during the free reign of expression. This subconscious language is captured through gestures and mark making on the canvas. 

Velvet is a state of mind where I can free myself from the constraints of logic and reason. Instead I am free in the moment, to create through passion and intuition. 


Voodoo Horizon, 2017

Acrylic paint of MDF Board

1.8m x 1.8m 

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