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“they were q-tip type white and blinded my eyes
the red emblem of Michael looked as if it could fly”

– Reg E.Gaines


#sneakerhead first began as a curious observation and then enquiry into the global cult following of the iconic, Nike Air Jordan sneaker.

This obsession is in part due to the potent and relentless tactics of marketing and branding.

This observation inspired a body of work, challenged to separate subject from form. The purpose of #sneakerhead is to question the persuasive power of ‘brandwashing’ in a consumer driven market.

Informed by the painterly language of Abstract-Expressionism, digital technology was used to create the images. The virtual tools chosen to create the imagery represent the elusive world of ideas, where design and innovation first spring into form. Expressionistic painterly language is used to convey the intense emotional value placed on the sneaker and abstraction references the tension between the object itself and the marketing that now defines it.


#sneakerhead asks the question: Where does the sneaker end and the ‘brandwashing’ begin?


Done It, digital print on insulation.

1080mm x 1615mm


Fly Illusion, digital print on insulation.

1080mm x 1615mm


Flip Fantasia, digital print on insulation.

1080mm x 1615mm

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