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Walk a mile in my sneaker

Stay a day in my treadz

What gets lost incognito

Is the truth that she dreadz


A soul wont see no clearer

Until it walks another’s treadz.

So take a step towards the mirror

And brave a strangers threadz.

- Velvet WIld - 



#soultreadz is a contemporary reflection on modern humanity. Observing the themes of superficial popular culture and every day life experience. The sneaker represents identity and questions the association of contemporary culture and brand identity.


#soultreadz asks you to look deeper towards the human aspect of empathy. Underneath the brand and the sneaker is the soul.


Whatever sole we wear, we all put our shoes on to face another day, whatever baggage, whatever sadness, whatever happiness and joy. Life can not be lived without human connection and a good pair of treadz to face the walk together.


Look past the sole to see the soul.


Mellow Yellow, 2018, ceramic and daisies.


Stand by Me, 2018, ceramic, glass, shoelace and daisies


Narcissi, 2018, ceramic and glass.


War Paint, 2018, ceramic and daisies


True Blue, 2018, ceramic and daisies

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