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Kylie Jane is an Adelaide based Contemporary artist with a diverse artistic and therapeutic pursuit. Formally accredited as a Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Art Therapist, Kylie combines her art endeavours with her counselling background. Her passion for the arts and social sciences inform her artwork. Working with mixed media Including, painting, installation, photography and digital mediums Kylie’s work often explores existential social and human philosophy.

Applying a contemporary twist on the paradigm of Romanticism, Kylie has developed a style which incorporates both abstraction and figurative language. Blending traditional painterly methods with contemporary mixed media and style.

In her abstract painting works Kylie captures movement and expression through her unique dance gestures. By channelling her alter ego named Velvet Wild, she becomes free to interpret a painterly language that infuses movement and expression into her abstract paintings.

Her photo narrative and sculptural installations investigate elements of the human psyche. Her artwork seeks to embody and question humanism and the conundrum of life.

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